How’s the new parking rule working out?

Dear Editor,

How is the new 72-hour parking rule working out for everyone in Owego? When I heard that this was going to be implemented immediately, I couldn’t believe it.  The first question that came to mind was, “Who thought this up?” The second question that came to mind was, “Do the people that make these rules only care about the businesses on Lake and Front Street?”  

What about the businesses that are on Main and North Avenue whose customers utilize Hyde Lot? Not only does this new rule hurt my restaurant business now that the Hyde lot is constantly full, but it also hurts the theater business now that the lot directly behind it is constantly full as well.

The parking in Hyde lot has been out of control for a very long time now. No one has enforced the two-hour rule in years and now you think that the 72-hour rule will be enforced? Highly unlikely.  

What happens when the Hyde lot is full 72 hours at a time and there is a snowstorm? How do you expect any snow removal to be completed? My understanding is that the Hyde family donated this parking space specifically for downtown business patrons; now it is going to be an overnight lot?  

In all my years in business in downtown Owego, the only time the parking situation was manageable and equitable was when there was a two-hour limit and the parking was patrolled consistently.    


Tom O’Hara

Owego, N.Y.

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