New Discussion Group for the New Year: Making Sense of the Bible

The public is invited to hear one of the most popular preachers in the United States, Adam Hamilton, in a series of presentations titled “Making Sense of the Bible” on Sunday mornings, at 11:30 a.m. at the First Presbyterian Union Church located at North Avenue and Temple Street in Owego. Dr. Hamilton’s DVD talks are based on his best-selling book.  

In the book’s introduction, Hamilton explains his approach to this series: “I love the Bible – and I wrestle with it. There are portions, if I’m honest, that I have questions about. There are statements on its pages that I don’t believe capture the character and will of God. I’m guessing, if you’re honest, you have questions too.  

We’re not alone. As a pastor I regularly hear from people who are perplexed, confused, or disturbed by something they’ve read in the Bible. This book is an attempt to honestly wrestle with the difficult questions often raised by thoughtful Christians and non-Christians concerning things taught in the Bible.”

The six sessions will be as follows: Making Sense of the Old Testament; Making Sense of the New Testament; Questions about the Nature of Scripture; The Bible and Science; Violence, Suffering, and Other Troubling Issues; Wrestling with Issues of Sexuality and Relationships.

Pastor Carolyn Gillette, with over 30 years’ experience of leading Bible studies, will be the discussion leader for this Sunday-morning program. Participants are encouraged to bring questions and enjoy each week’s presentation and discussion.

Adam Hamilton is senior pastor of The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas, the largest mainline Protestant church in the United States. A master at explaining difficult questions of faith in a down-to-earth fashion, he is the author of many books, including The Way; The Journey; 24 Hours That Changed the World; Final Words; Love to Stay; Forgiveness; Enough; When Christians Get It Wrong, Why; and Seeing Gray in a World of Black and White. 

Hamilton is a leader in seeking to help the United Methodist Church be welcoming of all of God’s children.

Well-known Old Testament scholar, Walter Brueggemann, wrote this about Making Sense of the Bible: “Wondrously accessible, Hamilton combines good scholarship with a light touch and exhibits his wise, generous, pastoral heart. Hamilton does not let us forget that he bears witness to the gospel, and the result is a discussion that permits readers to think again and faithfully about the Bible.”

Diana Butler Bass, author of Christianity After Religion, describes Hamilton’s approach this way: “Acting as friend and guide to those who seek to read the Bible intelligently and with spiritual insight, Hamilton walks readers through the pitfalls of fundamentalism and dry scholarship, opening up both the Bible’s profound humanity and its wisdom for living.”  

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