Nichols highway garage almost up and running

A new addition to the town of Nichols is coming soon, a brand new highway garage. According to Nichols Town Supervisor Kevin Engelbert, the construction of the facility is virtually complete and the only remaining step to making the garage fully functional is to finish moving the contents of the old facility into the new one. The new garage is located at 170 Buck Rd. in Nichols.

As to some of the specific offices, supplies, and services the facility will offer residents, Englebert stated, “The garage is a typical highway garage. It will be used to store trucks and other equipment, there will be a break room, and our highway department and the director of the Buildings and Grounds office will be there as well.”  

Mr. Engelbert went on to mention that the idea for this new highway garage facility first came about after the 2011 flood that devastated this area. He also stated that it was imperative that the new highway garage be located away from the flood plain. Regarding the cost of the project, Englebert stated, “The building cost us about $4 million. FEMA is covering $3 million, and the town will cover the rest. Most of the cost has already been paid.” 

Much of the cost has gone toward paying the architects, construction workers, and general contractors who contributed to the project. Before too long, Nichols residents will see the highway garage fully operational, which will go a long way toward keeping their town up and running for years to come.  

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