Seats filled in county races

This year’s General Election on Tuesday saw several contests for local seats, such as Owego’s Town Council. With two seats available, Barbara Roberts, incumbent, maintained her seat with a total of 2,067 votes; while Jonathan Marks, Republican, earned a seat with 2,313 votes. Libertarians Keith Price, Jr. and Rich Purtell earned 605 and 916 votes, respectively. 

For Tioga County Sheriff, Republican Gary Howard, who is currently serving as sheriff, maintained his position with 6,019 votes while Joseph Breitwieser, Libertarian, came in with 1,188 votes in Tuesday’s election.

In Candor, Republicans James Brixey and James Douglas will fill the two council seats, earning 559 and 580 votes, respectively. Democrats Sandra MacArthur and Nancy Rader trailed in votes, earning 244 and 213, respectively.

In Nichols, N.Y. Republican William Heveland maintained his position of Superintendent of Highways, earning 297 votes; Bradley Bartholomew, who ran as an Independent, had 103 votes.

In Richford, Roberta Holcomb, Republican, and Cynthia Herrick, Democrat, filled the two available council seats with Herrick earning 204 votes and Holcomb, 164. William E. Stell, Democrat, earned 158 votes, narrowing in on Holcomb.

Harrison Marsh will serve as Richford’s Superintendent of Highways, defeating Tim Ceurter, Charles Thayer, and Cindy Hunt by earning 51 percent of the votes, or 165; Ceurter earned 4 percent of the 322 votes, or 13; Thayer earned 106 votes, and Hunt earned 11 percent of the votes, or 36.

In the Town of Tioga, Brenda Middendorf, Republican, earned 596 votes and will serve as the Town Clerk; opponent Kathleen Stoughton, Democrat, earned 185 votes.

Also in the Town of Tioga, Russell Story, Republican, will serve as the Superintendent of Highways after defeating Democrat Gary Deming with 498 votes to Deming’s 228.

In the State Supreme Court Justice, 6th Judicial District, Republicans Mark Masler, Chris Baker, and Oliver Blaise, III will be seated. Democrats Pete Charnetsky and Claudette Newman trailed with 2,304 and 2,448 votes, respectively.

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