Arts Council to celebrate International Translation Day

The Tioga Arts Council celebrates world literature in translation as part of the global event International Translation Day. The local event takes place on Sunday, Sept. 29 at Riverow Bookshop, 187 Front St. in Owego and starts at 12:30 p.m.

In 2017, The United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution to recognize the role of translation in transnational communication and understanding and in fostering peace. The same resolution declared Sept. 30 as UN International Translation Day, now celebrated annually around the world. Sept. 30 was chosen for the date because it is the feast of St. Jerome, who is considered the patron saint of translators.

The Tioga Arts Council’s participation in this global event celebrates literary artists from around the world, their works in translation, and the translators who make their works accessible. Participants will read English translations of Bosnian poetry, Italian and German short stories, and contemporary Greek song lyrics. In addition, a musical interlude offers a performance of American songs in Japanese translation.

“We are really excited to participate in this global event for the first time,” said Christina Di Stefano, executive director of the Arts Council.

“Translation is an artistic craft that deserves greater recognition, and translators make literary artists from around the world accessible to readers in our area. We also look forward to highlighting the work of local translators and fostering a community of creative exchange for literary translators.”

The mission of the Tioga Arts Council is, in part, to enrich the cultural lives of residents and visitors in Tioga County through education and cultural experiences. International Translation Day is part of the Council’s new initiative to celebrate the literary arts.

For more information, contact Erin Riddle at (607) 372-5503 (texts accepted) or email to

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