Ten individuals facing indictments for drug delivery in Tioga County

After months of investigation and the involvement of multiple agencies, a Tioga County Grand Jury had indictments placed on 10 individuals from across New York and Pennsylvania for the sale and distribution of methamphetamine and heroin in Tioga County, according to the Tioga County District Attorney’s Office.

One of the individuals was from Athens while six were from Waverly, New York.

Taurus R. Bartlow, 28, of Athens was charged with a two-count indictment after selling methamphetamine in Waverly.

Waverly’s 39-year-old Matthew Smith, 39-year-old Anthony Stutzenstein, 33-year-old Abby Ball, 40-year-old Rainy Ball, 46-year-old Janis Stevenson and 22-year-old Justin Anderson-Brisson were all issued indictments for either the sale of heroin, methamphetamine or fentanyl.

The three remaining individuals being 34-year-old Michael Champlin from Eldbridge, 35-year-old Jessica Forsythe from Corning and 26-year-old William McClintic Jr. from Monroeton, all were indicted for methamphetamine related incidents.

The Tioga County District Attorney’s Office credited the assistance of the New York State Police Narcotics Division, Tioga County Sheriff’s Office and the Waverly Police Department for their efforts. All 10 individuals have been, or will be, scheduled to appear in Tioga County Court, according to a press release from Tioga County District Attorney Kirk Martin’s office.

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