Clarification on Little Hats / Big Hearts Program

Dear Editor,

Thank you for the article on Little Hats / Big Hearts program. It did not contain any contact information for those of us without computers. After a couple of phone calls, I found out that they collect the Red Baby Hats all year round now. 

You can donate as few or as many as you can crochet or knit. They wash them and distribute them where needed year round. Remember, no embellishments little fingers could get tangled up in, a straight edge near the face and use washable yarn only. 

The following are drop off locations: Stay Healthy Center in the Oakdale Mall, Lourdes Hospital main desk, UHS Hospital main desk, Guthrie in Sayre main desk, or you can mail them to: American Heart Association, P.O. Box 3049, Syracuse, N.Y. 13220. If want distributed only in the Southern Tier, add – Attn: Southern Tier. 

I crochet, and baby hats are fun to make!


Yvonne Rich

Newark Valley, N.Y.

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