Opinion: ‘We the People’ are having our civil rights violated by an act of law

Dear Editor,

The new Tyranny foisted upon law-abiding citizens in New York State is the so-called “Red Flag Law”. This “law” would suspend, delay, and eliminate due process. Politicians do not have such powers, nor have such powers ever been delegated. America has a charter-the rule of law-and no one, government or otherwise, can merely decide to take property without due process. There is a name for such – THEFT. 

When “We the People” have our civil rights violated by an act of law, we need a remedy that provides punishment for those that propose, and vote, for such Tyranny. Politicians have become used to the idea that they can threaten the Constitution (or re-write it), swear to dissolve our civil rights, come marching for our firearms, and they don’t expect resistance!  

“Extreme protection” orders without due process are blatant Constitutional violations. And have no place in an American system of justice. The Soviet Union, China, Korea, among others, have encouraged their public to “red flag” each other, enabling the armed police to attack and seize private property without warning or probable cause. Discriminating against civil rights is illegal. The right to keep and bear arms has always been a basic civil and human right.  

Empowering your neighbors, relatives, former lovers, or anyone who might have a grudge to use armed police to attack you without probable cause does us all serious criminal harm. Shall we overturn centuries of righteous lawmaking process with mob rule, neighbor against neighbor, to somehow achieve “Safety?” 


Gerald Rhodes

Owego, N.Y.

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