Opinion: Elected officials should fill out a time card

Dear Editor,

Welcome to 2019 and another year of witnessing the dysfunctional government at work. We now have a Democratic Socialist Majority in Congress whose sole goal is to oppose President Trump on any matter that he supports. I am saddened that the Democrats did not bring some new leadership into their party but rather have remained with the Dinosaurs Pelosi and Schumer. The cartoon following Trump’s Oval office Speech depicting them as the Old Cornflakes couple was so very fitting.

Proof is their current opposition to the Border Security issue involving some type of wall or barrier: Something they, and their party, previously supported but now do not because Trump believes it is necessary for the safety of our country. He needs to pursue a State of Emergency because he knows opening the government with the Pelosi and Schumer promise that they will then negotiate security resolutions is absolutely nothing but a Blank Promise.

(By the way, Chuck, have you been reading the articles showing your state continues to rank at the top of the most expensive place to live AND has one of the highest Migration Rates? Apparently Democratic Socialism isn’t working in your home turf.)  

What really infuriates me is we have only begun 2019, but now many of these politicians are focusing their efforts on 2020 elections. Wake up! You have been voted in to work issues during your term, which also includes 2019! 

I suggest that these elected officials do a timecard like the majority of hard working Americans. They will not be paid if budgets are not passed on time, if the Government is in a Shutdown, or for any time spent campaigning for future elections such as 2020. They should only be paid (including their absurd travel and expense accounts) for Doing the Job they were elected to do and Nothing Else.


Rance Brode

Owego, N.Y.

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