Tioga County Legislature to honor future County leaders

Tioga County officials recently announced that Institute for Advancement participants have completed their training for 2018 and will be honored on Dec. 5 at a 1 p.m. Legislative Work Session, held at the County Office Building.

In 2015, the Tioga County Legislature identified the need to update the County strategic plan. The goal was to develop a plan that would assist County Department Leaders in identifying priorities that would guide their activities until 2020 and beyond. This effort was completed in July of 2016 with the adoption of the Tioga County 2020 Strategic Plan.

As a result of that planning effort, the need for internal succession planning was clearly identified. Upon analysis by each Department Leader, this need was substantiated. The analysis revealed startling facts; nearly 40 percent of all County employees are currently retirement eligible, 100 percent of essential employees are currently retirement eligible in five departments and 50 percent or more essential employees are currently retirement eligible in another five departments.

Thus, Tioga County established the Institute for Advancement, a program intended for developing existing County employees with the goal of advancing their positions within the County. A yearlong training program was implemented beginning in January 2018. Topics covered included; Tioga County Government 101; Tioga County Operational Procedures; Skill Building in the areas of Management / Hiring / Performance Evaluations and Supervision; Conflict Management; Team Building and Goal Setting; Real Colors / How to Identify and Work with Personality Temperaments; Budget Preparation and Fiscal Skills.

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