Paw Prints

Question: I used to buy my dog various chew toys, should I get some for my cat as well? 

Answer: Sure! Cats can certainly benefit from toys they can chew, bunny kick (adorable!) and toss about. It can save your furniture and help them keep their teeth plaque free. If your cat is still a kitten, chew toys can certainly help with teething. Opt for ones that are rubber or made from a material that won’t easily break apart into tiny pieces. 

Question: My dog’s toots are extremely pungent. Is this normal or should I be concerned? 

Answer: The occasional release of stinky gas is completely normal in your pooch and usually can be ignored. Did your dog recently eat something he shouldn’t have? That can certainly be the culprit! It becomes a problem when your pup starts to emit these smells very often or when it is accompanied with abdominal pain or other GI issues. The most common causes of extra flatulence in your dog are diet changes, extra swallowed air and gastrointestinal sensitivity. If you are worried, it’s best to see your vet so they can differentiate between normal stinky toots and an underlying problem. 

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Dr. Marina Shepelev is an associate veterinarian practicing medicine at the Endless Mountain Owego Vet Center. She welcomes weekly questions concerning your furry friends.

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