Paw Prints

Paw Prints

Question: Do you think if I only see five or six fleas on my dog I should still use a flea product? She just doesn’t seem to get bitten! 

Answer: Absolutely! Your pooch doesn’t need to be infested with fleas in order for you to treat her. The fleas you see may just be the tip of the iceberg; think five percent! The rest of the fleas and all their stages (eggs, larva and pupae) will be in your carpet fibers, bedding, and other soft surfaces in your home. Once they mature they will use your pooch as a food source and continue to bite. You need to eliminate this and use protection to prevent any flea infestations. 

Question: Why does my cat, Rumbles, not cover his poop in the litterbox?

Answer: That can certainly be a stinky issue but also completely normal! Have you recently changed your litter type? Heavy, pelleted litter can be a burying deterrent to cats. Opt for a soft, finely textured litter and see if Rumbles decides he likes it better. How big is your litterbox? If Rumbles is a large kitty, maneuvering in a small, enclosed box may be difficult for him to stretch out enough to perform his burying ritual. Try something spacious and open to see if that changes his mind. 

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Dr. Marina Shepelev is an associate veterinarian practicing medicine at the Endless Mountain Owego Vet Center. She welcomes weekly questions concerning your furry friends.

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