Renewable energy sources with long-range benefits should be the choice

Dear Editor,

Don Castellucci, Owego Town supervisor, has given us helpful information relating to the hearing on July 18, dealing with the cost of electricity. 

As the Board continues to consider this matter, let’s hope that renewable energy sources with long-range benefits will be the choice, rather than short-term benefits through energy sources that perpetuate harming the environment.


Len Bjorkman

Owego, N.Y.

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  1. Patricia Williams | July 20, 2017 at 6:52 pm | Reply

    Dear Editor:
    After attending two information sessions about the Municipal Electric & Gas Alliance (MEGA) Community Choice Aggregation proposal, I have made several observations:
    First, shopping for wholesale/bulk energy pricing is a beneficial idea for residential electric customers who are already being asked to research energy prices when choosing an energy provider on an individual basis.
    Secondly, the average electric customer finds researching energy pricing data to be a mind-numbing activity that is tedious and convoluted.
    Third, NYS residents are gradually becoming more aware of the detrimental connection between energy production and consumption, and weather-related environmental disasters that are becoming more frequent and severe.
    Finally, as a result, there is a growing consensus of customers who want not only the lowest energy prices but energy that is produced in a way that results in the least negative environmental impact.
    Given the above observations, I feel it would be prudent for both municipalities and consumers to research their energy choices and be aware of the dual concerns of residents i.e., low price and benign energy production.
    Although, renewable energy production is the ideal, the immediate achievable goal might be the use of a high percentage of renewable fuels vs fossil fuel production. The choice does not have to be “either/or,” but can be a common sense compromise with which customers can live and which brings all of us closer to a safer living environment.

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