Marvin Park

Dear Editor,

In your April 16 edition of the Readers’ Column, second call, the caller gives a very negative impression of the village, Marvin Park in particular. I decided to go to the park and see for myself.

I saw that what the caller says is true, but I came away with a very different impression of our village and of Marvin Park in particular. In counterclockwise order, the following is what I saw.

The skating rink at the large pavilion has been put away and several picnic tables are on the floor. There are new gates at the entrance to the grandstand and bleachers. The racetrack is in good condition. The skateboard rink is well equipped with a half pipe and ram between. The rink road is in good condition. The run-walk path is newly repaved. The swimming pool and restrooms are still closed but will be open in season. The tennis-basketball courts are open and in good condition. The small pavilions are ready with picnic tables and charcoal grills. There is a faucet nearby. The playground has mostly new equipment for the small children. For the bigger children there is older equipment, but in good condition. 

For all of the above I say thank you to our village D.P.W.


Karl Tiemann 

Owego, N.Y.

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  1. go down and take a look now its a disgrace and if the village is supposed to take care of it the workers aren’t supervised very well at all,I would like to know what we are actually paying for

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