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Most snow has now left our Valley; however, the last blast was a reminder of the Hebrew expression “People Plan, God Laughs” was upon the Village. I know the beauty and speed of snow removal is in the eyes of the beholder.  

Your Village received three notes of appreciation for DPW speedy removal of snow by taxpayer/residents. I do share the plowing and removal was well done by our three member DPW staff.  

Sidewalks on Village owned properties along with our streets were quickly clear.  Our thoughts go out to the Dairy Farms not able to have milk picked up due to the weather. 

Anyone in the Municipal Building on Monday evenings must be aware Boy Scout Troop #30 is an active part of the second floor activity. Their activity and action is exemplary and it does not surprise us that there are seven Eagle Scouts in our local troop. We all have seen and enjoyed the volunteer project footprint in our area from Eagle Scout projects.  

These many fine projects are usually not singular efforts by the Scouts, alone.  Parents, Scout Master(s), Scout Board(s) both current and past make it happen.  Their Board is allowing your Mayor and Trustees to congratulate the Scout Master, Board, parents and fine young men from our Northern Tioga community. 

Jake Andersen, Josh Blazey, Cody Coombs, Corey Coombs, Thomas Durand and Tyler Maule are 2017 graduates, and Alex Umiker will be a 2020 graduate. 

Soon, events will begin around our area. The Annual Spring Fling is Saturday, April 8 at the Newark Valley Fire Station. Breakfast at the station is followed by an egg hunt and other activities. This new site change will add the benefit of on-site breakfast along with everything else. Come to breakfast and watch the Newark Valley Historical Society sponsored festivities and participate.  

The Tioga Arts Council, in concert with your Village, will host an outdoor movie, ‘Jungle Book’, at twilight on Saturday, May 20 at the Village Trout Ponds Park.  We will post other events on our webpage,, and our Facebook page, Village of Newark Valley.   

The Newark Valley Summer Youth Program Coordinator, Heidi Cardone, is determining a location and beginning dates for our annual July program. 

On April 5 we opened bids and selected contractor(s) for the west side of Whig Street Sidewalk project. The project is by the Federal Department of Transportation and administrated by NYS DOT with additional grant made available by the NYS Dormitory Authority. Beginning and completion timetable to be determined by weather condition in this 2017 year. We believe these Federal DOT opportunities will be available in the future for new funding, but more must be known.  

The White House Federal Budget submittal to Congress does concern us. We will be speaking with Congressman Tom Reed as he did state earlier this year to me that a Village of Newark Valley meeting with constituents will happen. Watch for further information. 

Our local Fire Department, Ambulance Service, DEC and Code Enforcement, along with Deputy Sheriff’s responded to an active burn pile in an open field behind a residence on Whig Street. The NYS burn ban is in effect and there is no open burning (i.e. bonfires or burning of any materials within the Village limits).  Please respect safety parameters for all.   

We have signed and await completion of a street wattage audit that will supply very specific data towards the Village purchase of LED lamps. LED does reduce kilowatt usage for a current term perspective; however, we must be sure of viable return on investment and other long term matters before we spend your taxpayer dollars. We will explain further once we receive the audit and ROI results. Your Village believes streetlights are an important ingredient for safety and way of life.  It is not time to ‘turn off the lights’ as a number of people suggest. We continue to search alternative, less expensive ways of doing things without decreasing what you expect as taxpayers.    

Your Village Planning Board has completed our Master Plan update. They will host a public hearing soon and we will print it in the Summer Newsletter. Thank you to Sandy Kasmarcik, Cyndi Vosburgh, and Sharon Weed for your patience and hard work.   

As you know, last fall we searched and found a grant to partially fund demolition of the Five Clinton Street property. This factory closed 25 years ago and needs to go down. Our most recent winter storm caused additional roof deterioration. We have boarded up all entryways to this address. Your Trustees and Mayor are discussing avenues of destruction and removal. The cost estimate total is a bit over one half million for asbestos and building removal. We will report as we progress. 

Your Trustees, Mayor, Village DPW, office staff and ad-hoc Rate Committee are preparing and completing a multi-year infrastructure and capital plan. This is a dollar and asset necessity projection for long-range process. I posted those specific plans in the Owego Pennysaver article on March 26. That article does appear on our website for your review. 

Beginning last fall your Village Office began distributing fishing and hunting licenses, which we are available during our 37 hours a week that we are open.  Many hunters and fishermen from all over the area now purchase during the day and evening. We do wish to expand other services to our taxpayers and residents living here in the Village and to those finding convenience with us in the Towns of Richford, Berkshire and Newark Valley.  

Last month a visitor asked our office if we distribute handicapped placards to Village residents. Village Clerk Mertie Pozzi will add to these comments; explaining how you can come in, fill out the questionnaire for handicapped parking permits and other necessary documents. 

Volunteer Rachel Smith is working with Trustee Cliff Alexander, DPW Supervisor Bill Foster and Deputy Clerk Pam Benthin towards grant search and submittal for the second phase of the Village Trout Ponds playground equipment. This year we are considering an age six through 12 types play area. These units are larger, more expensive and suitable for the older child. 

Lastly, your Trustees and Mayor will continue conversations with the Town Supervisor and Councilmen to coordinate Village street salt / sand / plowing; or Village taxpayer relief from the onerous Town tax rate. Your Town Board has reasonable good people and I am confident they will eventually do the right thing for Village tax rate reprieve. Good stuff, takes time. The Governor’s Office did contact me; we had a lengthy conversation and will report further as time goes by.   

We hope for all of you; a blessed spring, Passover and/or Easter for those who celebrate. 

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