New book, ‘Life’s Essential Primer’, offers guidance and levity

Success is a choice! A person’s current level of success (or failure) is the cumulative result of every choice that they’ve ever made throughout their life. Everyone can succeed – if they make the right choices. Author Robert C. Trautman wrote “Life’s Essential Primer” to help teens and adults, alike, make important choices that can lead more directly to success and happiness.

Related in an amusing manner, Robert has used personal adventures and observations throughout his own life to illustrate the practical application of a number of principles shown to support a level of success needed to realize many dreams and goals. For example, starting with an intense interest in flying when he was five, he eventually began the passionate pursuit of an electronics hobby that he knew could translate, with suitable education, into a lucrative career. This, in turn, would support the costs of becoming a helicopter pilot, thereby realizing his childhood dream!

In today’s fast-paced, always-connected world dominated by social media where most “friends” have never met, Robert invites you to take a fun and inspiring trip back to a time before the Internet, cell phones, and personal computers existed. While this may seem barbaric to many today, it is in that zinc-plated, vacuum-tube culture, scarcely beyond stone knives and bearskins, that Robert’s life was rich with imagination, great adventures, loving family, and real friends. The chronology continues to include a number of more recent adventures, as well, with the specific intent of tying these significant achievements to the choices he’d made when much younger.

Many of his adventures are, admittedly, dated – perhaps nostalgic – but the principles behind the choices he’d made to achieve success are as relevant today as they were decades prior. They are, indeed, timeless. This book, “Life’s Essential Primer”, is a light-hearted fun read that makes the perfect companion edition for young people just starting out on life’s journey.

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About the author

Robert Trautman (Bob) is an identical twin, a parent, an electronics engineer with two patents, a licensed helicopter pilot, a former accomplished gymnast and competitive figure skater, a professional photographer, and a published author. He has two boys (now grown), and lives in Owego, N.Y.