Silence in the face of evil

Dear Editor,

Many Christians question whether it is ‘kosher’ for them to be politically active or not. My answer to that question is the same answer I give when counseling anyone who comes to me seeking advice on issues of everyday life; I ask what was the position Jesus had on that subject.

There is no issue of life from farming to abortion that God does not address in the Bible, but often you have to study to find the principle on what we consider ‘modern’ issues that are not obvious and politics, to some, is such an issue.

Many Christian leaders are opposed because they claim Jesus never confronted Rome’s rule over Israel which is to a degree true. BUT He most assuredly did directly confront the political structure placed in authority over Jews during His time among men.

Though it is true that Israel was under occupation by Rome, the political structure of Israel that was established at the time was known as the Sanhedrin or the high court, which was run by both the Pharisees and the Sadducees. It was the Sanhedrin that acted as the supreme authority over the governing of the people and they were in fact given authority to continue in that role by Rome in order to keep peace in the Land.

Anyone who has read the New Testament knows that when it came to confronting the Pharisees no one could hold a candle to Jesus! My goodness he called them “sons of the devil”, “a generation of vipers”, “white washed tombs full of dead men’s bones” to their faces in front of crowds of thousands of people. He often challenged their “unconstitutional” laws by saying to thousands that “You have heard it said ‘BUT I SAY’”. He openly reprimanded them for putting their ‘traditions’, which they had made into laws, before the commands of God. He told the people to listen to what they spoke but DO NOT DO AS THEY DO, meaning use critical thinking and discernment to weed out the truth and follow that, but do not follow their example of living outside of the just, or IHMO unconstitutional laws.

Though Jesus never entered into armed conflict with the rulers He did tell his disciples to bring a sword when they left the Upper room. His call was not to be physically involved in resistance because He was to fight the spiritual battle for the entire human race not to deliver the Jews from an unjust occupation by Rome. I believe He had the sword brought to the garden to give His approval of defending against an assault by the authorities and not as an offensive weapon. I could be wrong but it is what I believe and we will have to agree to disagree about the sword issue if you feel differently.

In any case it is very clear that Jesus did not sit idle and allow those in authority to abuse the people with unjust laws that enslaved them and stole from them the liberties God had given to them.

With Jesus as our example of dealing with the law makers and enforcers of our nation we MUST NOT remain silent and uninvolved any longer. It is time to take action with our words verbally and through social media and every other venue available to us. To quote a man who gave his life to confront the evils of his day let me say now, “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil”.

Saving America for the spreading of the gospel to the world and our posterity is at stake and Christians will be held accountable for the stewardship of His nation. I believe it may well be a sin of omission for believers not to participate in the governing process.


Rev. Robert Seymour

Newark Valley, N.Y.