Police cuts create fear

Dear Editor,

The fact that the village of Owego loses their police from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. and they have to start using the Sheriff’s office instead of the local department is ridiculous.

For many people this would be fine, it would cut down on taxes, but for people who live in town this can bring great fear.

Within Owego, there are more than 15 sex offenders. Maybe they cause no harm now, but at one point in their life they have, and many parents worry that they will again.

It would ease some of them if they had a police department that was located on Temple Street, less than two minutes from many of these.

No one is bashing these people, but saying the idea of a small area with many sex offenders is kind of scary for parents with young children.


Joslin Streck

Owego, N.Y.