Molly’s Mission to help animals in need

Molly’s Mission to help animals in need

Helping Pets Live Longer, Healthier, Happier Lives!

Molly’s Mission to help animals in need

Ouch. Poor Brandon was hit by a car and paralyzed in his back half. Again Karen made a plea to the public to help buy a wheelchair for this wonderful yellow Labrador Retriever. Not a small feat considering it was $550. In one night, you the public bought Brandon his wheelchair and made him mobile once more!

Molly’s Mission to help animals in need

Our newest friend Allie, a 19 month old Great Dane, needs our help. She has bad knees and as a result, has some major hip displacement issues. She may require surgery to fix this problem. The estimates for this surgery run from 4 to 8 thousand dollars. Molly’s Mission is donating $200 dollars for x-rays.

Molly’s Mission was started because of one dog lover, one dog, and a severe medical problem. Karen Garrity, owner of Furry Friend Inn in Lockwood, N.Y. took in a dog name Molly as a favor to someone. Molly was an 11-year old mixed breed dog.

A few years later she developed a 2 1/2 pound tumor. The surgery was expensive to remove the tumor to save Molly’s life. Karen started a campaign though a social media site and raised the funds in a short time. After this she had a vision to help pets in need and owners who could not afford such emergency care.

Through this, the idea of “Molly’s Mission” was born. Thanks to Karen and many donors, Molly’s life was extended three wonderful years. What more could a pet lover or owner ask for?

Today is a new and glorious day. Together with “Molly’s Mission” the community can made a difference in the life of pets in our local area, and maybe someday abroad. Karen would like to thank all the donors of yesterday, today, and many tomorrows for making a difference in the lives of our furry friends of the past, the present, and the future!

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