‘King Andrew’ a corrupt politician

Dear Editor,

With an election coming up I thought it might be useful to outline some of King Andrew’s accomplishments. Yes, under his reign New York continues to have the highest property taxes in America, it’s still ranked the “Worst Economic Outlook in America”, and in the top three “Worst Business Climate”; and last week, “the ‘Worst’ place in the nation to retire”, and the “Highest gasoline tax in the country”.

Besides those honors, the passage of the Safe Act and his “Message of Necessity” ranks King Andrew up there in an elite circle of traitors to the Constitution. His back room deals, (besides the Safe Act) continue to pile up.

Public education is one of his many casualties as he continues to build his resume on a run to the Presidency. When he passed the “Tax Cap” he knew full well that this simplistic answer to property taxes would bankrupt public schools if he did nothing to stop the State mandates and the tax exempt property that really were behind our taxes.

Yet the allure of yet another piece for that Presidential run just seemed too tempting. Forget the fact that our public schools are in the worst shape in fifty years due to such shortsighted policies, forget the fact that 100 percent of property taxes are being paid by 50 percent of the population.

Better yet let’s offer new “tax free zones” to attract new business. Forget that our once “finest schools in the country” aren’t even ranked in the top ten states. Forget that one reason our schools were the best was because local business like IBM knew that investment in education paid big dividends, and they had no problem paying more than their fair share.

With State mandates for schools and municipalities and tax exempt property for business, let’s not forget that the small Mom and Pop businesses and the homeowner are expected to pick up 100 percent of the bill for all those that are “exempt”. Yet those exempt property holders will expect all public services. Let’s not be surprised when we no longer can afford to educate our kids, or support local police and fire as the ratio between exempt and actual taxpayers continues to grow.

We are surrounded by liars and a world where lies are called “spin”. Our politicians aren’t guided by our Constitution or by any sort of moral compass, only by what might be “politically correct”, or what might lead to the Presidency. The character of our New York State and our Nation, and all of our core values are at risk.

We are about to get 20 million dollars of “spin” from King Andrew, and asked to submit to his brand of illegal and treasonous behavior for any number of reasons. It will take courage during this election to face this governor and the raft of corrupt politicians with a NO vote.

I’m a proud American, and I believe proud Americans will stand up and fight. There are good people here, and across our Country, that won’t back down. When free people know the right choice, but refuse to make it we will have finally given up on our Freedom. I am hoping that time is not upon us.

Gerald Rhodes

Owego, N.Y.

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