Your property rights are at risk

Dear Editor,

For months I have periodically written about Sustainable Development (Agenda 21) and because of that UN Directive, I joined up with New Yorkers for Property Rights which is a group of us throughout New York trying to inform “we the people” of what is to come, and what is happening to our property rights. I’m handling Tioga County and will continue to keep you informed. Remember, Sustainable Development is after a 50 percent land grab of our properties coming in various forms from grants/loans from HUD, EPA, DEC and DOT.

As Tioga County is mostly agricultural, the land grab is coming through in Conservation Easements and PDR’s (Purchase of Development Rights). What you apply for and what comes back to you will be entirely different and could even change for the worse. You will need your own lawyer on this as the fine print allows the State to change things. You may even not be able to step foot on that property again.

The minute a landowner signs up for PDR/CE, the land trust becomes the dominant holder of the estate (property) and the landowner becomes “servient” to the trust. The land trust also has partial control of the balance of the land not eased.

Land Trusts can trade or resell the eased portion of land to another land trust (can be from another state) which may place more stringent requirements on the landowner. The tax burden from the land trusts then falls onto your community / county. The land trusts/easements are another form of government control.  Check out Finger Lakes Land Trust on the web to see how aggressive this plan is turning.

Again, the EPA and DEC can come onto your property without a warrant and they are armed. If they deem your property a “wetland” or find endangered species on your property, you’ve lost that land.

Zoning Changes – HUD wants us to all live together (low/middle/upper class people) so zoning changes have to be made to accomplish this. Westchester County has suffered on this – another way for higher taxes if stipulations/strings attached to loans/grants are not met.

I’ve lived in Apalachin (Tioga County) for over 40 years and like it. We don’t need more government control in our area nor do we need higher taxes put onto us.  Contact me at for further information.


Sandy Gumble


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