Letter: A good book for overwhelmed parents

Dear Editor,

A shout out to parents who are overwhelmed with the struggles associated with their children. I found a book, titled, ‘Prayers for Prodigals’ by James Banks that I would like to HIGHLY recommend. (The dictionary says prodigals are wastefully extravagant but rebellious and runaway is often used also). 

The prodigals are young people, teenagers, young adults, and adult children. The book is a 90 day devotional calling out a scripture and then a prayer from the parent to God.

From my perspective these prayers are exactly what I would want to say. If you have tried everything else to win your children back with no luck, try these prayers.

I believe that in order to break the strongholds in your child’s life you have to involve God. Prayer is the best way to do that. 

If you feel you are fighting an uphill battle with your children with little progress, try prayer and try this book.


Nancy Brown 

Owego, N.Y.

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