‘Dash for Cash’ horse and rider competition returns to the Tioga County Fair!

‘Dash for Cash’ horse and rider competition returns to the Tioga County Fair!Performing in between the rotation of competing horses at the Tioga County Fair's "Dash for Cash" on Tuesday evening, Aug. 7 will be trick rider Emily McCray, from Kissimmee, Florida. Photo credit: Amber Chalmers.
‘Dash for Cash’ horse and rider competition returns to the Tioga County Fair!

Horses and their riders ready for last year’s “Dash for Cash” event. (File Photo / Wendy Post)

Get ready for a night of family fun on Tuesday, Aug. 7 at the Tioga County Fair’s “Dash for Cash” horse and rider competition. After a successful inaugural event last year, the show is sure to delight fair-goers of all ages as participant’s battle to walk away with accolades for being the fastest horse and rider partnership.

Grandstand crowds will also enjoy a dazzling stunt rider performance, along with the crazy antics of Rusty the Clown, who will keep everyone chuckling.

New this year is the “Buckaroo Rodeo,” which starts at 6:30 p.m. and is a contest for young people in two age categories; six to ten years of age, along with five and under. Kids can try their hand at the stick horse race, Popsicle race, barrel event and relay race. Prizes will be awarded. 

From 7 to 7:15 p.m., and just prior to the start of the “Dash for Cash” at 7:30 p.m., free horse rides will be offered to all youth ages ten and under.

Performing in between the “Dash for Cash” rotations will be Emily McCray, a second-generation trick rider from Kissimmee, Florida. Emily’s expert moves, such as hanging off the side and standing upright on a horse, along with extraordinary stunts like riding two horses at once with one foot on each horse, and all while maneuvering through obstacles Roman style is a not-to-miss highlight of the evening.  

The “Dash for Cash” event features a total purse of $1,500.

There is a $35 entry fee. Payouts are; first place, $500; second place, $400; third place, $300; fourth place, $200; and fifth place, $100.

“Dash for Cash” is an event where riders and their horse run a predetermined distance as fast as they can, and then turn at a barrel before running across a finish line. Disqualifications occur if a barrel is knocked over. Individual runs are timed, and the fastest time for each rotation advances to the final round. Rotational winners then run against each other for the prize money.

Professional rodeo announcer and Berkshire native, Kurt Warner, will call the action at the event.  

After a successful inaugural event last year, Warner shared, “There is a buzz in the horse community about this year’s event.”

“Last year 32 horses were entered, and this year we will have about 50,” Warner added, stating, “It’s an exciting event where everything is timed down to the thousandths of a second.”

In addition to local competitors, Warner said riders would also come from outside the region.

Participants must pre-enter this event by Aug. 3. For details, call Kurt Warner at (607) 481-9173. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Tioga County Agricultural Society.

For more information about the fair, which runs from Aug. 6 through Aug. 11, visit www.TiogaCoFair.com. You can also find them on Facebook at Tioga County Fair, Owego, NY.

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