OFA students experience ‘Save a Life Tour’

OFA students experience “Save a Life Tour”The OFA S.A.D.D. (Students Against Destructive Decisions) group hosted the "Save a Life Tour" at OFA on May 17. (Photo by JoAnn R. Walter)
OFA students experience “Save a Life Tour”

A student takes a turn on an Impaired Simulator at OFA on May 17. (Photo by JoAnn R. Walter)

Junior and Senior high school students at Owego Free Academy (OFA) participated in the “Save a Life Tour” on May 17 where they experienced using a hands-on Impaired Simulator and a Distracted Driving Simulator, presented by Matrix Entertainment.

Hosted by the OFA S.A.D.D. organization (Students Against Destructive Decisions), Adviser Joan Beck explained that the simulators were a new way to engage students and deliver the important message about being responsible when getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

The “Save a Life Tour,” an overall comprehensive high impact safe driving awareness program works to inform, educate and demonstrate the potentially deadly consequences resulting from poor choices and decisions made by a motor vehicle operator. Matrix Entertainment has presented the program across the U.S. and internationally.   

Students were encouraged to take an interactive survey and then take a pledge by signing a card that read, in part, “I pledged to never give in, to never let my phone win, I know the text and call can wait.”  

OFA students experience “Save a Life Tour”

A student signs a pledge during the “Save a Life Tour” at OFA on May 17. (Photo by JoAnn R. Walter)

Representatives from Matrix Entertainment first presented a video and then discussed statistics involving destruction decisions; for example, distracted driving is the number one killer of teens. In addition, the presentation reiterated that all people who get behind the wheel, students and adults alike, tend to get complacent and lax about their driving, and that overall, we all have the responsibility to be aware, “All of the time.”

Principal Heath Georgia commented, “We plan to bring this event back in two years, so that our Freshmen and Sophomores can take part in it, too.”

Heath added that the timing of the demonstration is appropriate since the OFA prom is scheduled on June 1. Hosting the “Save a Life Tour” he said is crucial, and also, “Not saying anything is unacceptable.”

The OFA S.A.D.D. organization posted, “We are dedicated to help prevent underage drinking and other drug use, risky and impaired driving and other destructive decisions.”

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