Photos: Jump rope for your heart!

Jump rope for your heart!Pictured, is the fifth grade Blue Team.
Jump rope for your heart!

Tyler participates in the jump rope event.

Congratulations to the fourth and fifth grade students at Apalachin Elementary School, along with their families, who raised $8,065 for the American Heart Association. This helps fund research, programs, and education to fight heart disease and stroke, our nation’s number one and number four killers. 

Throughout the month of February, students learn about their heart, the importance of exercising, nutrition, and being a contributing citizen. Their culminating activity is the annual Jump Rope for Heart event the American Heart Association organizes. This event started at Apalachin Elementary School in 1992.  

All of the fourth and fifth grade students jump rope in a team of six for 90 minutes. The students show off various jump rope tricks and perform a lot of heart healthy jumping. A few of the students even jumped longer than Mrs. VanHouten, Mr. Hallenbeck, and the parents that attended in the “jump off” competitions. 

Organizers would like to thank Tom Donovan for being the DJ for the day! He keeps the music fun and upbeat to help motivate the students.  

Jump rope for your heart!

Ryan participates in the jump rope event.

They would also like to thank the parent volunteers, Mrs. Herceg, Mrs. Prentiss, and Mrs. Sunderland for volunteering their time to help out with all of the paperwork involved. 

Top contributors this year included Mr. Spooner’s class, who was the leading contributing class this year with a class total of $2,867. 

From the fifth grade, the top contributors included Kathryn Klett, Kaiden Jones, Brody Wheat, Matt Higgins, Joey Mikels, Jonathan Gilliland, Mahayla Walsh, Shannon Maslin, Natalie Francisco, Alexis Gunther, Olivia Dodge, Lydia Williams, Marianna Slocum, Alexis Herceg and LeeAnne Palmer.

In the fourth grade class, the top contributors were Mason Schneider, Leah Teeter, McKayla Walker, Savannah Henry, Sawyer Prentiss, Vincent Kneller, Javan Belokur, Elaina Anschietz and Ally Curtis.

Jump rope for your heart!

Jump rope for your heart!
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Matt participates in the jump rope event.

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