Opinion: I stand for the flag!

Dear Editor,

I am a Vietnam era Veteran. I took an oath to protect the flag of the United States from foes from outside and within the United States. As far as I am concerned that oath has never been rescinded. 

I have seen on the news media, NFL players kneeling in protest as the national anthem is being played and the flag being raised at the beginning of the football games. I do not fully understand the reason for the protest, but as far as I am concerned these NFL football players are showing disrespect for the flag, the national anthem, and this country. 

I consider this disrespect for the flag, unacceptable! When thousands of soldiers have given their lives to protect this nation and the flag it represents! 

I have therefore decided to boycott all NFL games. I will not watch anymore NFL football games until I hear an apology from the NFL players and the team managers. 

I realize that my “boycott” is not even a “drop in the bucket”. So I invite all you veterans who have served this nation honorably, to boycott the NFL as well. Stop watching the NFL football games until there is an apology made by the NFL players and team managers for the disrespect they have shown toward this nation and the flag it represents by taking “a knee” during the national anthem. 


William L. Pletcher

Owego, N.Y.

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