A Win-Win for the Constitution

Dear Editor,

Oh happy days are here again. President-elect Trump will be putting forth the next Supreme Court Justice to a Republican House and Senate – a win-win for the Constitution. 

The next best thing one could want is to have it be Senator Cruz, who would make a tremendous asset to SCOTUS. Senator Cruz, as demonstrated on the senate floor and in the run-up primaries, sometimes contentiously, is someone who knows constitutional law and passionately subscribes to it. He is credited to be one of the most brilliant legal minds on constitutional issues, graduating Princeton Law and Harvard Law (magna cum laude) with a Juris Doctor degree. He would be the ideal replacement to Judge Scalia. 

Also, he potentially, for the next 40 years, would be a jurist unlikely to lean to the left to be popular with whatever party is in power, much to the dismay of both his Republican and Democrat Senate members. Again, a win-win for America and our Constitution.

As of now, Judge Ginsburg is showing all the signs of Alzheimer’s and is placing her rulings in jeopardy of appeals on bias of opinions publically made. At age 83, her pending retirement in the next four years is becoming ever more of a given. If for no other reason, having Donald Trump for our next president is having the ability to sit two Constitutional Court Justices and possibly a third (Breyer – age 78) who read law under the guidance of the Constitution of the United States as the premise of legal rulings on law. 

This is a huge win-win for all those who know it is the Constitution we were founded on and it is the glue that will hold us together.


Florence Alpert

Candor, N.Y.

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