Blessed Mother statue blessed at new St. John’s location

Parishioners of St. John the Evangelist Church in Newark Valley from now on will see their Blessed Mother Statue as they walk toward and up the steps of the main entrance to attend Mass.

Since the mid-80’s the statue was “up a little ways in a wooded area on the side hill” from the front of the church on Rock Street.

It became inaccessible. Objective became for the Blessed Mother Statue to be more visible for all to see and for others a convenient location to sit on a stone bench to pray the rosary.

St. John’s Church member Mary Zimmer was involved in the original placement and relocation of the heavy outside cement statue.

Origin of the Blessed Mary Statue is being researched. Former Pastor Bill Moory recalls a Rosary of Stones around it at one time. They are not there now.

Strongmen from the parish moved The Blessed Mother’s Statue for Mary Zimmer to wash and paint and then relocated it to the new Shrine for Mary just west of the front steps.

Parochial Administrator Father Thomas Valenti blessed and incensed the Blessed Mother Statue. New Parochial Vicar Father Peter assisted him

VanLieshout, who celebrated the 11:15 a.m. Sunday Mass with Deacon Warren


Members of the congregation recited prayers and sang Immaculate Mary during the outdoor ceremony.

Father VanLieshout received a warm welcome at a luncheon in St. John’s Parish Hall.