Red Door Thrift store reminds you to do your spring-cleaning!

The Red Door Thrift Store and Community Center, located on Broad Street in Waverly, is reminding area residents to do their spring-cleaning. The store is happy to come and pick up your gently used items. Call them at (607) 687-1121 for a pickup today.

The Open Door Mission, which Red Door Thrift Store and Community Center is a part of, has been doing “good works” in the local community since 1968. Your donations can make a difference in someone’s life.

The Open Door Mission has a food pantry in Lockwood, and they are opening a Senior Food Pantry in Waverly. With the help of donations from the community, they are able to continue to fund these projects as well as their continuous outreach efforts to support those in need.

Donations are always tax-deductible, and they are happy to provide a receipt.