ICS Solutions Group rolls out brand new 2015 ICS Cares program

Robert LaFave, chief operations officer for ICS Solutions Group, has announced their new 2015 community initiative, ICS Cares, which will further help local organizations and charities in both Syracuse and the Southern Tier.

The ICS Cares program began on Jan. 1, and strongly encourages all 65 employees in both the Endicott and Syracuse offices to spend a minimum of eight hours of community service with a charity or organization of their choice.  ICS Solutions Group will be paying its staff for the eight hours of community service in an effort to get every employee out helping their community.

“This program was born out of our desire to help those in need in the communities in which we operate,” said LaFave.

He continued, “ICS Solutions Group is a proud community member and has always been involved in a large number of charitable, education-centered and other good will initiatives. Although our staff is fantastic and share our same vision, we want them to proactively get out in their community and serve. There are so many great organizations, schools and charities that need help and look to residents to help those in need. This is a great way for our staff to get out in the community and really make a difference in the lives of those that need it the most. We encourage any organizations and charities in need of volunteers to reach out to us and we can match you up with some of our staff who will be happy to volunteer the time to help.

With government cutbacks and an unstable economy, many of the organizations and charities in Upstate New York are faced with adversity on a daily basis. ICS Cares will provide these organizations with 65 eager volunteers to help these organizations in whatever ways the organization deems appropriate. There will be no restrictions placed by ICS on the organization or charity that its staff members choose. The program will run all year, and staff members are encouraged to spend more than eight hours if able.

ICS Solutions Group gives tens of thousands of dollars each year to local charities and organizations in need within Upstate New York. With offices in Endicott and Syracuse, N.Y., ICS has been serving the IT needs of the business community in Upstate New York and Northern Pennsylvania since 1986, and is proficient at meeting the needs of small, medium and large organizations. Demand for ICS’ customized business services has been brisk, resulting in expanding the workforce of the company by more than 25 percent to meet demand.

ICS has more than 60 IT professionals deployed in the field to meet their clients’ needs and is the largest IT support company in the region. ICS Solutions Group was ranked earlier this summer as the top IT firm in Central New York by the Central New York Business Journal.

For more information on ICS Solutions Group and their services, visit www.icsnewyork.com.