Ithaca SERTOMA Club makes gift to Racker Centers to support diagnostic evaluations

The Ithaca SERTOMA Club has supported many important causes within our community over the years, from an annual nursing scholarship to Dessie Jacobs Softball and various other community projects. Supporting the SERvice TO MAnkind Foundation’s primary mission of helping the hearing and speech impaired, the local SERTOMA chapter has been a good friend to Racker Centers over the years also.

This year the Ithaca SERTOMA Club has stepped forward with a substantial gift directed to one of Racker Center’s top annual fundraising priorities; Diagnostic Evaluations. Evaluations are needed in order for any child to receive needed services. However, Diagnostic Evaluations are a costly and time-intensive next step for children with severe issues who are suspected to be on the autism spectrum. Because of the time involved to evaluate, score tests, complete paperwork and produce reports, these evaluations cost Racker Centers over $1,300, while the agency is only reimbursed less than $300 per evaluation.

The Ithaca SERTOMA club’s gift will generously cover 10 evaluations for children with the most severe needs, providing them access to critical services.