Third book on Berkshire released

Third book on Berkshire releasedRay Hunt and Maurice Stoughton just published the third book about Berkshire, titled, Berkshire The Town and People We Remember.

This book is a collection of new pictures and articles from the early days of the Town of Berkshire. The articles written by residents provide information from the early years of the town.

This is an excerpt from one of many articles in the book. Memories of Blackman Hill by Lillian Gregrow: “We had no electricity, no television nor all the things that young people have today. We enjoyed visiting with family and playing games. As young girls, my sisters and I loved to play in grandma’s attic. We dressed up in old-fashioned clothes and looked through old photo albums. Grandma would tell us stories about the early pioneers and how they settled the hills.”

To order the book ($20.00) you can contact Ray at (607) 657-4416, email to, call Maurice at 642-5422 or email to amstoughton

The book will also be available at the Berkshire Free Library.

The first two books titled, History and Life Around The Town of Berkshire, New York, and More History and Life Around The Town of Berkshire, New York, are also available from Ray, Maurice and the Library.