Tioga Together, ‘Stay the Course’ 

Webster’s defines the phrase “stay the course” as; to continue doing something until it is finished, or until you have achieved something you planned to do. 

Tioga County plans to have all businesses back to operating by June 26. And in a recent press release they stated, “Never has it been more important than right now for the Southern Tier to ‘stay the course.’” 

All non-essential businesses were shutdown as of March 20; by April 26, a plan for phased reopening was announced. On May 11, reopening permissions were issued for the Southern Tier. 

As of May 15, Phase 1 businesses have been back to running with a timeline laid out to allow Phases 2, 3, and 4 to follow at two week increments. To achieve these milestones, it is critical that we all “stay the course,” as recommended by a recent county release.

The good news is that the Southern Tier is staying within the metrics allowing the Region to remain open and continue moving toward more re-openings. This bodes well for the anticipated date of May 29 for Phase 2 business re-openings. If, however, metrics begin to drop, Tioga County runs the risk of not only a halt in this path, but potential re-closing of businesses. That is, of course, unless everyone agrees to “stay the course.” 

In a press release, LeeAnn Tinney, director of Economic Development and Planning for Tioga County, stated, “This applies not only to the businesses as they begin to open, but to the general public as well. It is important that we all continue to follow the rules and protocols that have been outlined for each business. We must all continue with understanding and remain agreeable with the requirements placed on us.”

She added, in the release, “If businesses and customers alike hold on and persevere to the end, we will reach the milestones for each Phase as they have been laid out; if we do come together, then by June 26, all businesses will be back up and running. This is another way to support our local businesses – let’s “stay the course.” 

As of Thursday, May 28, the numbers in Tioga County held steady with 136 confirmed coronavirus cases, 114 individuals in mandatory quarantine, 74 recovered, and 21 Deaths.

For further information, visit https://covid19.tiogacountyny.com, call the Tioga County Coronavirus Response Hotline at 687-8225, Find Facebook @Tioga County Public Health, Find Facebook @TiogaMH (Tioga County Department of Mental Hygiene), call the Tioga County Public Health Voicemail Line at 687-8623, the New York State Coronavirus Hotline at 1-888-364-3065 (for general questions or information about COVID-19), and the Tioga County Emergency Food Hotline at (607) 354-0965. 

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