Letter: Many unspoken words

Dear Editor,

Take a step back and think of when you were a senior or when you will be a senior. Now imagine having this year, the best year of your adolescent life ripped away from you with no warning. You just went to school and worked your butt off for 12 years just to not get the closure for that chapter of your life. 

You’re unable to have the traditional graduation and prom previous classes and future classes are able to have. All of the celebrations and recognitions that would have been placed before you are set to the side, never to be looked at again. Forgotten. 

Last times were the last day you had in school, not what you imagined them to be. Not even a goodbye. If you play sports, you don’t even get the chance to participate in the season you’ve worked harder for than anything before. You don’t get to see the teammates that have been by your side, pushing you to do better, making you the person you are today. You aren’t able to go to class and see the kids you’ve grown up with your entire life. Or make memories with them one last time. You don’t get to leave the way you wanted to. 

There are so many unspoken words, or a lack of meaning of words, due to the lack of human interaction. Remember all of those activities you were able to participate in, or are looking forward to participating in during your senior year? 

Yeah, well this was my year, my chance to make those everlasting memories. Now I’ll remember my senior year, what was supposed to be the best year of my life as being trapped between the same four walls, every day, connecting with my peers through a screen. 

The community and school are doing everything they can to help us get our closure, even if it’s in a different way than it normally would be, and I appreciate that a great deal. But seniors, if there were one thing to take away from this unfortunate situation, it would be to never take anything for granted. Be grateful for everything that we’ve been able to do over the course of these 12 years. 

This may seem like the worst thing ever, but we have still been given the opportunities to do more with our lives than others have in our same position, all thanks to our community.


Bianca DeVita

OFA Class of 2020

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