Opinion: What is Tioga County doing to save farmland?

Dear Editor,

In early January, Amy Kneller, an Ag. Resource Specialist with the Bradford County Conservation District, distributed a news release asking the question “DISAPPEARING FARMLAND – CAN WE SAVE IT?” 

To date, Bradford County has secured agricultural easements on 17 farms, protecting 4,346 acres from willing farmers. It appears that Bradford has a backlog of willing farmers (26 qualified farms representing 5,762 acres). The District is seeking more funds to preserve these farms with the best quality soils.

Amy notes that these pastoral scenes are entrusted to us and future generations. This is what attracts tourists to the area. The Bradford County Agricultural Land Preservation Board, established in 2001, has been working hard to protect these picturesque settings and productive soils for future generation.

I wish to congratulate the Bradford County leadership for recognizing the contributions of the small farmer and how they contribute to the economy of Ag, as well as tourism. The question that I ask is, “WHAT IS TIOGA COUNTY, NEW YORK DOING TO SAVE ITS BEST AGRICULTURAL LANDS FROM DESTRUCTIVE FUTURE DEVELOPMENT?”

Most respectfully,

Marty Borko

Waverly, N.Y.

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