Looking to support and help our armed forces and veterans?

By joining the American Legion Auxiliary, your membership alone helps to increase our power at the Congressional level and supports our military families to keep their benefits and lobby for additional rights.

There are many benefits that are offered as well to you, an American Legion Auxiliary member, that more than pays for the small fee of your annual membership. In addition to that small fee for dues, everything you currently do on a volunteer basis (donating time and money to non-profit organizations, to children’s programs, to the community, veterans, youth organizations, Americanism programs, and many others) gets added up and reported up the chain of the organization and ends up with Congress with our worth of $22.55 per hour.

Please consider helping our armed forces, their families, our veterans and our community by becoming a member if you are eligible.

Contact Diane Craig by calling 659-4724 or email to dc93@cornell.edu for more information on becoming a member or contact your local American Legion Post.