Letter: Fifty-eight days

Dear Editor,

I miss my senior year. COVID-19 has taken something away from me that I won’t ever be able to get back, time. Memories have been stripped away from not only me, but from my senior class. I really just want to go back, whether the world is fully normal or not, I want to be in school. 

My day consists of sitting at home, watching TV, maybe a couple of walks a week, and eating. I know school wasn’t much different because we sat at desks, listened to lectures, walked to class, and ate. However, we had each other, we had the memories, the hope for our end of year experiences, and we had time. Personally, not knowing if we’ll have prom, graduation, senior skip day, you know, the events that give us some closure, has been incredibly difficult. 

I remember talking about prom since eighth grade, it was finally our time and it was stripped away. I didn’t know how much actually walking across a stage would mean to me until it became one of my only pressing thoughts in the last 58 days. 

Fifty-eight days, I am writing this 58 days since my last day of school. 

I find peace knowing I have this extra time with my family before college, but what about the extra time with my friends? Will I get to say goodbye to my teachers? Pull a senior prank? 

As of right now, none of us know. I do know my school district will do everything in their power to make as many events as they can happen. I am honestly never going to forget this, I know it’s a learning experience, a growing process, but in the moment that doesn’t make it any easier. 

I am saying goodbye to my senior year and my high school career in the most unorthodox way, but I guess it will be a story for the ages. I have shed many tears, had a lot of smiles, and haven’t lost hope. 

I’m going to miss Owego Free Academy and everything it provided for me with all my heart, and I just want the closure we all deserve. 


Grace Riddleberger 

Owego Free Academy

Class of 2020

(Note from the Editor: Grace Riddleberger is a senior in Chris Evans’ Creative Writing class at Owego Free Academy)

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