Maddie’s Meadows staying safe during pandemic

Maddie’s Meadows staying safe during pandemic

Hi my name is Bootsie. I live at Maddie’s Meadows. 

It seems that there is some big deal about a virus or sickness going around and lots of people are catching it. 

Nancy, the lady that helps us, says it is called COVID19, or something like that. She says that we can’t meet new people for a while because it won’t be safe. 

I don’t know what it’s all about, but I think everybody likes to see pictures of kitties, so she is going to continue posting pictures of us even though no one can come meet us until everybody is better. 

I thought it might make you smile if you saw a picture of my impressive belly. Pretty nice, huh?  

We hope you are all safe and you get to come see us soon.  

From the kitties at Maddie’s Meadows.

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