Candor will join S-VE’s debt hole

Dear Editor, Only 29 percent of the voters in Candor supported the merger with Spencer – Van Etten. One driving reason was that S-VE is deep in debt and the Candor voters did not want to bail out S-VE for it’s wasteful spending. The people who were pushing for the merger are now busily removing […]

Vote ‘No” in Candor

Dear Editor, I would like to thank the two individuals who took time last week to point out my “errors” in not checking whether my assessment went up during the Candor revaluation as the reason my Candor school taxes have more than doubled in four years, and who called to my attention that New York […]

My vote is for Congressman Reed

Dear Editor, Several weeks ago I viewed a segment on WETM created by the Martha Robertson Campaign. The validity and misinformation of the television advertisement left me offended; do they think the voters of this district are that misinformed? “FACT-CHECK,” a series designed to keep candidates honest, determined these advertisements half true! If you have […]

The Old Coot waits it out

I witnessed an encounter between a mother and her teenage son in the grocery store the other day. It was a chance meeting; she came from home; he came from school. Her greeting brought me back to my own teenage days, “Why are you wearing that shirt? I just ironed it!” His face turned red […]

Readers’ Column for the week of Oct. 18, 2014

You may call the Owego Pennysaver Readers’ Column at (607) 687-2378 24-hours a day, or e-mail comments to readerscolumn@stny.rr.com. We reserve the right to revise or reject any message. The Owego Village sewer rates are wrong and unfair to landlords and business owners. Call the mayor at 687-1710 or Ron Horton 687-2282. They are currently […]

‘King Andrew’ a corrupt politician

Dear Editor, With an election coming up I thought it might be useful to outline some of King Andrew’s accomplishments. Yes, under his reign New York continues to have the highest property taxes in America, it’s still ranked the “Worst Economic Outlook in America”, and in the top three “Worst Business Climate”; and last week, […]

Recent tax hike is result of assessments

Dear Editor, Taxpayers in the Town of Nichols who live in the Owego-Apalachin Central School District are rightfully upset with the increase in their taxes. But they are barking up the wrong tree when they blame the school district. The OACSD property tax levy (total collected) only went up 0.02 percent. Not 2 percent, 0.02 percent. […]

Our land rights are in danger

Dear Editor, I cannot sit back and just let injustices happen as the government takes more and more control of us. I am one of thousands in the U.S. that are working on informing people of what’s going on with Sustainable Development (a U.N. Directive). With New York high on the list of things happening quickly on this Directive, […]

Clarification by School Board on recent increase

Dear Editor, Over the last few weeks, several readers have expressed their certainty that construction of the new Owego Elementary School must be the cause of some increased tax bills this year. While this notion puts a simple and tidy wrapper around the issue, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Nearly all of us […]