Our constitution is being laughed at

Dear Editor, I recently heard a reporter state, on a major TV news show, that the rioting in Ferguson was funded by billionaire George Soros. This action resulted in the destruction of a community and is similar to other actions associated with Mr. Soros. He supported and funded our current President’s Senate election because he […]

Readers’ Column for the week of March 22, 2015

You may call the Owego Pennysaver Readers’ Column at (607) 687-2378 24-hours a day, or e-mail comments to readerscolumn@stny.rr.com. We reserve the right to revise or reject any message. Thank you to the 210 Newark Valley students and the two directors for the wonderful Prism concert! ~ I don’t understand that because of St. Patrick’s […]

Public opinion was needed; mailing was a tool

Dear Editor, On Wednesday morning, March 11, the Village of Owego Mayor Millar held a press conference where in he made unsubstantiated and irresponsible allegations of improprieties surrounding a mailing informing the general public a summary of the Village Public Safety Committee of the Village Board of Trustees’ research, to date, on the issue of […]

A vision is needed for the Village of Owego

Dear Editor, My response to the Village Public Safety Committee’s request for input regarding the future of the Owego Police Department requires more space than the check box provided on a postcard. I do not believe that this issue can be distilled to postcard length nor should it. The survey method of “providing this information” lacks […]

Village did not approve of mailed out survey

Dear Editor, I want Village of Owego residents to know that the village did not approve of or pay for this “survey “on options to policing that was mailed out. The board was not informed of it until Monday and it was delivered on Tuesday. The village board and clerk/treasurer were unaware that this mailing […]

Our party wants to rebuild the village

Dear Editor, Earlier this week many residents received a large postcard that appeared to be from the Village public safety committee. It actually was a highly misleading campaign piece from the “Positive Change” party, including a math “error” that makes option #4 about $600,000 less than it should be. This is the party that has repeatedly […]

Who gets to define transparency vs. obfuscation?

Dear Editor, Who gets to define transparency vs. obfuscation? Apparently Governor Cuomo. His decision to have all government email accounts be the object of automatic purges after 90 days or retained by self-imposed flagging, is not an acceptable policy. Governor Cuomo led his reelection on transparency. Pulling back the curtain, we see it’s an illusion. The reality […]

Postcard mailing was inaccurate and misleading

Dear Editor, If the recent post card mailing containing inaccurate and misleading information about the OPD was a legitimate survey from the Village Public Safety Committee; as Ann Lockwood states in her recent WBNG TV camera interview; why did I and other registered voters not receive a survey? Why are they only interested in the […]