Readers’ Column for the week of Nov. 23, 2014

Lies, lies, and more lies! The Nobama regime would have the mainstream media try to make you believe that Ronald Reagan used executive orders to allow 3.1 million illegal aliens into this country during his term in office. He did not. He introduced the idea to Congress, who debated and wrote a law allowing this to happen. Known as […]

Police cuts create fear

Dear Editor, The fact that the village of Owego loses their police from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. and they have to start using the Sheriff’s office instead of the local department is ridiculous. For many people this would be fine, it would cut down on taxes, but for people who live in town this […]

Silence in the face of evil

Dear Editor, Many Christians question whether it is ‘kosher’ for them to be politically active or not. My answer to that question is the same answer I give when counseling anyone who comes to me seeking advice on issues of everyday life; I ask what was the position Jesus had on that subject. There is […]

Never give up on your dog

Dear Editor, October was recognized as “Adopt a Shelter Dog Month,” and I’d like to share the story of my rescued dog, Pepper. Pepper had never known stability. She was found on a highway, and when her former owners were contacted, they didn’t want her back. She was transferred from a pound to a rescue […]

Readers’ Column for the week of Nov. 16, 2014

You may call the Owego Pennysaver Readers’ Column at (607) 687-2378 24-hours a day, or e-mail comments to readerscolumn@stny.rr.com. We reserve the right to revise or reject any message. The Newark Valley Food Pantry would like to thank the Newark Valley Boy Scouts for the collection of food. They collected 1,307 lbs. for the food […]

Voters should have say on new station

Dear Editor, The Town of Owego Fire District Commissioners’ decision to build a new fire station is so outrageous, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. According to published reports in the Press & Sun Bulletin, the new 7,000 square foot (four truck bay) fire station will cost $1.1 million to build; the town […]

Unfair justice

Dear Editor, Regarding your article, “Owego Woman Sentenced on Grand Larceny Conviction” (Oct. 28), anyone in this situation should have received a longer jail time for embezzling over 50,000 dollars. Paying back less than the amount of money you stole, spending 120 days in jail, and receiving five years of probation is definitely not enough […]

Take caution as darkness falls earlier

Dear Editor, As the days are shorter and darkness is longer, I’d like to call attention to the subject of runner/walker and cyclist safety.  Most runners and cyclists take many safety measures, they wear Reflective clothing and headlamps, and obey the rules of the road and respect traffic. However, among these athletes, it is not […]